Quick Thoughts About Time Crisis 5

Time Crisis has always been one of my favorite arcade franchises. For those that are not familiar with the series, Time Crisis is a first-person light-gun on-rails shooter (that’s a mouthful) series developed by Namco. The plot of each game usually boils down to the VSSE (Vital Situation, Swift Elimination) sending their agents to nullify a serious threat against either a single nation or the whole world. Time Crisis was innovative for its time in that the arcade machines introduced a pedal which the player can use to hide from enemy fire, giving a more action-packed feel to the game for the player.

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Tecmo Cup Soccer Game Review: A Different Type of Sports Game

[originally posted at ScrewAttack.com]

Sports games back in the 8-bit era have always been relatively simple. There was no need for buttons for special types of shots and passes. No need for complex strategies and formations. All you needed was a d-pad and two buttons. As a result, gameplay was simple and easy to pick up. Then, you have other games, like Tecmo Cup Soccer Game. Released in 1992 in North America for the NES, Tecmo Cup Soccer Game is unlike any other sports game of its time, combining elements of role-playing games and sports to deliver a worthwhile experience.

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