Nyanta’s English Dub Voice is quite possibly one of the greatest things ever.

I watched a few episodes of Log Horizon so far, and I liked what I saw of it. It’s still on my backlog, so who knows when I get back to it.

They just recently announced the English dub cast for this series and a few new names that I’m not familiar with stand out. I like the casting of Jad Saxton as Akatsuki and believe that she will do a great job.

However, I came across this one clip of the English dub, regarding the voice of Nyanta the feline swashbuckler, which is quite possibly one of the greatest things ever.


According to the Log Horizon lore, Nyanta is supposed to be a late 30s-early 40s Japanese businessman with a calm and relaxing demeanor. A calm British-sounding voice would have suited him. However, hearing how deep and black his English voice is was surprising at first, but I think it could be pulled off. He is voiced by Jovan Jackson (Link: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=37197). It is definitely rare for black voice actors to voice a character in anime, due to the lack of black chacracters in anime, but I believe Jackson can pull it off. It’s unfitting, yet oddly awesome at the same time. The Log Horizon DVD set has definitely shot up to the top of my purchase list.


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