Love Live School Idol Movie Thoughts

I watched the Love Live School Idol Movie this past weekend, and it was a pleasant experience. It serves as a nice sendoff for the members of μ’s as they transition to the new generation with Love Live Sunshine and the introduction of Aquors. I’m not going to do a full review of this movie, as I would be too biased to do so., but I do have some thoughts about the movie as a whole. There may be some spoilers for the anime series in my thoughts.

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Quick Thoughts About Time Crisis 5

Time Crisis has always been one of my favorite arcade franchises. For those that are not familiar with the series, Time Crisis is a first-person light-gun on-rails shooter (that’s a mouthful) series developed by Namco. The plot of each game usually boils down to the VSSE (Vital Situation, Swift Elimination) sending their agents to nullify a serious threat against either a single nation or the whole world. Time Crisis was innovative for its time in that the arcade machines introduced a pedal which the player can use to hide from enemy fire, giving a more action-packed feel to the game for the player.

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NIS America Announces Re-release of Love Live School Idol Project Blu-Rays With English Dub

NIS America announced that it will re-release the first season of the hit franchise Love Live School Idol Project on Blu-ray with a new English dub. The release will come in a collector’s box set with two Blu-rays containing all 13 episodes of the first season and a hardcover art book containing 28 pages of episode guides, voice actor interview, and official illustrations, the same as the previous release.

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Super Smash Soundtrack – Quick Thoughts

I recently got the official Super Smash Soundtrack from Nintendo. For those that don’t know, those who purchased and registered both the 3DS and Wii U of Super Smash Bros get a free soundtrack with music from the game. The soundtrack comes on two CDs, each with 36 songs totalling up to 72. The red CD contains songs from the 3DS version while the blue CD contains songs from the Wii U version. You can find the track list here:


The soundtrack for the Smash games are always amazing, so I was really excited to receive an official package from NIntendo. I was slightly disappointed with the total amount of songs, though, because there are so many good songs from the games, so song selection is key. That said, I feel like they could have done better with the song selection. Obviously, Mario and Zelda are represented a lot with their music, and I don’t mind that, but with the other series, they could have picked other songs that I feel like are better. The songs from Pokemon are represented from the newer games from the DS and 3DS. I wished they included at least a song from the first or second generations. The Fire Emblem song represnted on the blue CD was the fight theme from Fire Emblem Gaiden, where I feel like the Fire Emblem that originally appeared in Melee should have been on it. There aren’t any songs from either the Mega Man or Sonic series (both third parties), possibly due to Nintendo not holding the rights to them. There are songs from Pac-Man, but Nintendo and Namco worked together on this iteration of Smash, so it makes sense to include those songs.

Despite my concerns, they did include some of my favorite tracks from the games. Some of my favorites are “Stickerbush Symphony” and “Jogging/Countdown Theme” on the red CD while my favorites on the blue CD are “Duck Hunt Medley” and “Mario Paint Medley”. The remixes of the old themes from the Super Mario and Zelda are always a joy to listen to, as well as the songs from the Donkey Kong series. The original music composed from the games are also fun.

Overall, the soundtrack is really nice, and a must-have for Nintendo fans. Now if you excuse me, I need to start rocking out to classic Nintendo music as I drive through town.

Tecmo Cup Soccer Game Review: A Different Type of Sports Game

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Sports games back in the 8-bit era have always been relatively simple. There was no need for buttons for special types of shots and passes. No need for complex strategies and formations. All you needed was a d-pad and two buttons. As a result, gameplay was simple and easy to pick up. Then, you have other games, like Tecmo Cup Soccer Game. Released in 1992 in North America for the NES, Tecmo Cup Soccer Game is unlike any other sports game of its time, combining elements of role-playing games and sports to deliver a worthwhile experience.

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D-Frag Review (Streaming Episodes 1-12)


Kenji Kazama is just your average high school delinquent. He leads his gang known as the Kazama Party as they do deliquent-like activities, such as skipping class and causing trouble. However, an incident with Roka Shibasaki and the members of the Game Creation Club (provisional) led to Kenji being forced to join the club. After spending time with them, Kenji notices how each member has his or her own oddities about them which drives his crazy. Together, they experience a whole lot of wacky adventures with other students who have their own oddities.

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